Friday, July 13, 2007

New York Times - avatars - slide show

Do people's avatars represent them? Here's a slide show of side-by-side pixs of avatars and their human associates:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ilene's pbwiki for more resources

Just a reminder thatthere are more resources about Second Life for educators at Ilene's wiki. Let me know if there is any information you'd like me to add. You can use my gmail account: ilene.frank at

Events in Second Life July 12-19, 2007

SL workshop participants: Here are some events for the week of July 12-19 where you will find educators to talk to about Second Life.

July 12 Michigan Library Consortium Grand Opening
4PM PDT (SL Time ) - 7PM PDT (SL TIME)
The landmark is: Cybrary City II

This just in from Desideria Stockton via the SLED list - posted July 12:

"Literature Alive! is happy to announce the launch of Dante's Inferno and Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills at

Many thanks to Larry Pixel at NMC for donating the temporary space, and to Eloise Pasteur for volunteering her time and efforts in building.and scripting.

The Inferno is only available until NEXT WEDNESDAY, as the land space is only temporary (hint hint, it is looking for a permanent home). So, if you would like to see it, pop on over! "


NMC Poster Sessions Reprise, Summer Conference, July 13-20.
Become a member of the NMC Group. Use the Search tab --> Groups -->
NMC Guests and click "join (L$0)"
The landmark is: NMC Campus Huntley Ballroom

Alan Levine posted some additional information on the SLED list for later dates and I'm copying it here:

"From July 20-27, we will be putting on display most, if not all, of the 23 poster presentations that were at the June 2007 NMC Summer Conference in Indianapolis.

The posters will include note cards and associated URLs, and we are scheduling a time on July 20, 1:00-3:00 PM (SLT/PDT, check local time when we invite the presenters to be in world so you can ask questions or chat with them about their projects. And since NMC Campus is now voice enabled... you are be able to have direct audio chats with them and each other.

This will take place on the main NMC Campus sim NMC Campus 113,100,26 ( on the green surrounding the Gonick Amphitheater. During the week, we will have a rotation going from presentations, videos, podcasts form the conference available on the screens at the Gonick.

Look for more details at


July 13 Book Talk
McCarthy's Bar: a journey of discovery in Ireland

The landmark is: Reader's Garden - Cybrary City II (34, 246, 22)
Reader's Garden / Book Discussion, Cybrary City II (34, 246, 22)


July 14 Book Talk
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Saturday 12 PM PDT - Sat Jul 14 1PM PDT (SL TIME)

The landmark is: Reader's Garden - Cybrary City II (34, 246, 22)
Reader's Garden / Book Discussion, Cybrary City II


July 15 Fashion Show
Fashion Show -- 5pm PDT. (SL Time)

You are invited to view our new showcase of casual, formal and
business wear for the northern summer season of 2007. Freebies, top-
of-the-line catwalk show in classy surroundings, after show party
with live DJ. A must see event for all you SL fashionistas! If you
can't find us on the day, IM Bianca Zanetti or Farkin Moody and we'll
send a limo for you!

I know people have had trouble getting into past shows, but this time
we have a whole sim to ourselves! So, come on by.


The landmark is: Villa Straylight, Felicidad (83, 186, 51)


July 15 Come to a party!
Party and Dedication Ceremony for ELVEN -- July 15, 2007 6 PM PDT (SL TIME)
There will be a party and dedication ceremony for the ELVEN (Educators and Librarians in Virtual Environments) Institute.
There will be food and dancing. Please join us.

The landmark is: Cybrary City 2


July 19 Residents with Disabilities
Meeting on Services for Residents with Disabilities -- 10 AM PDT (SL TIME)

On Thursday July 19 at 10 am sl, the ivinnie Accessibility Center on HealthInfo Island
will host a meeting for all groups and indivdiuals interested in providing services
for Second Life residents with disabilities. The ivinnie Center will officially open in August - more details to come - and will feature events, programs, library exhibits and resources to be created for individuals with disabilities as well as for educators and others...

The landmark is: HealthInfo Island


Friday, July 6, 2007

Watch and listen to a VoiceThread version Kevin Jarrett's presentation A K-20 Educator's Journey Through Second Life from the Second Life Best Practices in Education conference held May 2007.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Second Life: What policies need to be in place?

Participants in the workshop asked about policies. Some policies might be developed an institution-wide level - And some at the course level. Another thing to consider is the Second Life Code of Conduct. Some examples of policies:

Second Life: Second Life Code of Conduct

The New Media Consortium's Second Life Campus Code of Conduct

Lists of skills, competencies for Second Life

Another request from workshop participants... What do users have to know before tackling Second Life as a teaching/learning environment? These are the basics! The New Media Consortium has some good "getting started" material. and another list developed for their Hit the Ground Running workshop in 2007.

One burning question...Do you have to know how to build things yourself? Not necessarily! You can find and use things for free - everything from buildings to gadgets to clothes and accessories. However, if students will be expected to build in order to fulfill their course requirments, faculty should know how to build!

Health Info - Second Life

A few people in the workshop are interested in health-related locations on Second life. Posted in the SLED discussion list:

Avatar Knoh Oh (SL Healthcare Tourist) is doing a great job of documenting health-related locations in SL here:
-- Sean