Thursday, July 5, 2007

Copy of the Virtual Web Quest (or SL Quest!)

This web quest was given out on a notecard at our Second Life TLTGroup workshop:

Virtual Web Quest about Learning Spaces

Objective: Develop some ideas about constitutes an excellent virtual learning space in 3D immersive environments

What should virtual learning spaces look like? Will they be just be a replica of what exists in 2007 in real life, or will they be much more creative and informal?

Work as a team to identify what makes a good virtual world learning space and why. Be prepared with some remarks for the next workshop session.

Set up a team meeting to visit learning spaces on Second Life.
Make sure you identify a ‘meeting chairperson’ and a scribe to take notes so that you can refer to them later. To save the chat history, click Edit --> Preferences --> Communication --> click Log Chat and choose a location on your computer for the text file.

Visit a number of learning spaces in Second Life using the Resources section below as a starting point, and look at how they have been set up. What are the key features of each learning space you visited? – and how will you know if they are successful learning spaces that help learners to learn?

(To search for these locations, use Search --> Places tab --> include mature content
• SL Ecosystem [SL Location: Terminus 147, 106, 27] – Search term: SL Ecosystem.
o SLurl:
• Academy of Second Learning: ASL [SL Location: Eson 32, 162, 351] – Search term: Academy of Second Learning.
o SLurl:
• SL Computer History Museum [SL Location: Info Island II 241, 54, 23] – Search Term: SL Computer History Museum.
o SLurl:
• EduNation [SL Location: EduNation 70, 49, 23] – Search term: EduNation. Free seminar facilities for educators.
o SLurl:
• Reef Ball Coral Reef Library [SL Location: Changmi 167, 81, 110] - Search term: Reef Ball.
o SLurl:
• English Village [SL Location: English Village 131, 156, 126] – Search term: English Village
o SLurl:
• Literature Alive [SL Location: Eduisland II 186, 241, 22] Search term: literature alive.
o SLurl:
. Terra Incognita [SL Location: Terra incognita 156 99 33] Search term: Terra Incognita
o SLurl:

This learning activity has been adapted from for a more detailed version of this virtual quest that includes ideas about evaluating the activity and suggests some additional outcomes. Visit Education UK island:

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