Thursday, July 5, 2007

TLT Workshop Second Life Session July 5 - Transcript

Transcript from the July 5th TLT Workshop Session held in Second Life.

[Some conversation started before I was able to get to the session. I've edited IMs that were sent to me - I edited out some of the housekeeping about giving out the notecard for the Virtual Web Quest, I left out some of the "goodbyes" at the end of the session -- Ilene Frank]

Dunora Allen: Don't we all? That's the lure of teaching
Meghan Forder: I like being able to investigate new technology all the time
Drew Rodinia: We are!

Drew Rodinia: Thanks, Lisa!

Drew Rodinia: Ilene, did you want to start, or should I?
You: Drew, go ahead!
Drew Rodinia: ok...welcome, everyone!
You: I'll make sure I start a transcript of our chat.

Drew Rodinia: Your arriving here in the auditorium in Cybrary City is an important first step.

Drew Rodinia: We're going to use this hour to discuss educational goals and how the tools should meet those goals.
Drew Rodinia: So let me ask you all to do this for us....

Drew Rodinia: and you can do this all at the same time, as you like...
Drew Rodinia: Tell us, in a sentence or two, what would be an educational objective/goal....
Drew Rodinia: that you would like to meet, and that you think Second Life would be able to help you fulfill.
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: shared technologies! :)

Drew Rodinia: Jazz, your objective is shared technologies? Could you elaborate?
JuliaJ Jewell: To identify ways in second life that I can use it as another "way of learning" for my undergrads.... A way that I can build this into the course.
SteveGilbertSir Heron: Help some faculty at a university find ways of using SmartBoards in classrooms that take advantage of that technology - not just fancy version of chalkboard!
Ida Recreant: To help students see issues, e.g. legal issues, from the perspective of a variety of stakeholders, through experience
Drew Rodinia: Julia, what kind of undergrads do you have?
JuliaJ Jewell: Can you clarify?
Meghan Forder: building communities
Drew Rodinia: Ida, can you give some examples of legal issues?
Diane42b Vollmar: I would like to engage in more proactive dialogue surrounding black education history.
Dunora Allen: Honestly, I do a lot of group work in my online classes, and I'm looking for a way to help my students form more realistic communities.
Drew Rodinia: Julia, are they in certain disciplines? Certain courses?
Kate Bradley: to find the best use of this environment for teaching
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, interesting! What do you find lacking in your existing online classes?
Drew Rodinia: Kate, what types of teaching are you trying to accomplish?
Computer Jewell: possibly use SL as a delivery system for some content in our online classes.
Ida Recreant: Drew, for example, I'm teaching a sports marketing law class in the fall and I'd like students to be able to negotiate an indorsement contract to represent a company and to look at the implications of such a contract to the community, the company, the athlete, etc.

JuliaJ Jewell: I chair the undergrad program, so would be interested in all. But, I teach behavioral courses, so thought that the online component might be something useful for community, conflict resolution, group dynamics... I'm not sure, but assume there's alot here for me to learn and apply ;,)
Ariadne Yiyuan: I'd like to see more intra-curriculum building. SL incorporates so many disciplines, it would be nice to develop a class that would extend throughout the college.
Drew Rodinia: Diane, what tools are you already using for that?
Drew Rodinia: Ida, very interesting!!!
Dunora Allen: The students HAVE to form groups, but I've noticed in my f2f classes the groups tend to communicate better and be more invested in the group's project. I'd like to find a way to replicate that experience for my fully online students.
Kate Bradley: i want to help instructors know how to best use the environment for their classes, whatever the subject

Drew Rodinia: Julia, are you already using tools to meet those kinds of goals?

JuliaJ Jewell: 5 different business majors... Finance, Acctg, Mktg, IB and general Bus Admin
Ida Recreant: Dunora and Julia, I also use groups and the dynamics are definitely different in the online courses--I'd like them to get better.
Drew Rodinia: so some of you are teaching specific subjects, and some of you are in a faculty support role helping a variety of faculty?
Kate Bradley: yes, I support faculty

Ida Recreant: Drew, I actually do both;
Drew Rodinia: Ida, ah!
JuliaJ Jewell: Drew, you're right
Computer Jewell: yes. I do both.
Dunora Allen: I teach technical and professional writing, and am always looking for ways to model real-life experiences.
Drew Rodinia: Can some of you talk a bit about the tools you're already using? And what is lacking in them?

Kate Bradley: we use Bb, there is not a lot active learning
Diane42b Vollmar: i am a doctoral student and expect to be in a faculty/research position soon. so i am interested in SL for teaching and research.
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, so modeling of real life is an objective for you?
Ida Recreant: I use blackboard's discussion forum and some occasional online virtual chat
You: Kate, you are right about Blackboard - It's a great place to save files and trade messages - but it seems sort of flat!
Ariadne Yiyuan: We are using WebCT. I find it to be a confining box. This gives me much more creative freedom.
Drew Rodinia: so some of you are usin gmessage boards and some online chat

Ida Recreant: Actually, I think I just want to say "ditto" to everyone
Kate Bradley: yes
Ida Recreant: 's objectives
Dunora Allen: I use WebCT and online chat systems (Trillium).

Drew Rodinia: so we've got teaching faculty, and people who support faculty, and some use Blackboard (or similar) systems, but they aren't enough?
Nea Munro: I teach Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. An objective is that the students learn to do pspychotherapy, and understand group dynamics, so I am interested in what Julia Jewel and Ida Recrant have to say.
JuliaJ Jewell: what was that? Prey tell, did a studnt enter our midsts?
Kirstie Merlin: Is anyone (other than Ida) using this in their library?
Kate Bradley: yes Drew, I would agree
Drew Rodinia: ok, this is helpin me to understand where you are now....
Dunora Allen: Exactly - they are one-dimensional, and students seem to feel that way as well.
Drew Rodinia: so your objectives are....I'm gonna go out on a limb here....
Kate Bradley: Kristie- no library use for us yet
Drew Rodinia: some richer communication experiences? Modeling of real life? What else?
Ida Recreant: Kristie, we haven't used it in the library yet; there's interest in exploring the use of SL
Kirstie Merlin: Great
You: Kristie, Drew and Joe and I are librarians - but not a lot going on directly at USF yet in SL - mostly just us!
Nea Munro: I would love to find a group of nursing educators who ar interested in building and practice community for nurse practitioner students.
Ida Recreant: Drew, that sounds good to me
Drew Rodinia: Nea, what would that look like, do you think?
JuliaJ Jewell: My thought is that we already have the 4 ways of learning... hearing, doing... could second life be another form of learning?
You: Nea, there are other health educators on here - I think I can get you a list!
Computer Jewell: Yes it could be
Ariadne Yiyuan: Risk taking. I've done things in SL I would never do in RL. I think the quiet students would be more inclined to interact.
Drew Rodinia: Julia, exchange of voice...building things? Those types of learning?
Ida Recreant: JuliaJ yes, perhaps experiencing--
Nea Munro: I think it would have a number of families who lived together in a community who could be virtual patients for the nurse practitioner student's clinical practice - a virtual clinical practice site.
Drew Rodinia: Ariadne, could you give an example? (of the risk taking)
Dunora Allen: Although one problem that I've found is the initial learning curve is a little steep for us older students :)
Ida Recreant: Dunora, Amen to that!
Computer Jewell: I agree abut the learning curve!!!
Drew Rodinia: Nea, so some role playing?
Joe Cupola: Juliaj I think it definitely could be.
JuliaJ Jewell: I agree
Ida Recreant: Nea, I like that idea; I'd like to do something similar
You: Dunora, it's steep for younger users as well . It's something to consider in planning a course here.
Kate Bradley: we are exploring role play for our classes
JuliaJ Jewell: thanks Joe!
Ida Recreant: Of course, in a legal system--but more similar to RL
Dunora Allen: The role playing aspect is interesting to me - modeling job interviews, etec.

Nea Munro: Yes, role playing where faculty may model psychotherapy by having a student as a patient, and also by having students participate as "patients' of other students for the purpose of learning psychotherapy.
Computer Jewell: What about the students who do not have the computing demands of SL?
Drew Rodinia: Ida, role playing in a legal environment? Is the environment physical, or is it more about the roles?
Diane42b Vollmar: One thing that has concerned me about using SL for instruction is the technology learning curve, particularly for older students.
Ariadne Yiyuan: I've just gone up to complete strangers and talked to them. I have no idea who these people are. The first time I was shot, I was devastated. But Iearned I could live through anything in SL.
Drew Rodinia: Ariadne, so it's easier to communicate with strangers here, then?
Joe Cupola: the ability to do roleplaying is one of the strengths 2L has to offer

JuliaJ Jewell: adriadne, someone shot you?
SteveGilbertSir Heron: are these gun shot noises from within SL?
Dunora Allen: For me, it was easier to communicate with strangers when I couldn't see them.
Ida Recreant: Nea, Drew, I found the same thing was true in the old chat rooms; it was easier to talk to strangers.
Drew Rodinia: Steve, yes
Ariadne Yiyuan: Yes. I teach languages. So I get some very good experiences.
Nea Munro: I can imagine hiring actors to take on a particular patient - with a background scenario, as well - just like simulated patients in real life.
You: Xena, are you exploding?
Xena Meriman: umm no
Dunora Allen: The visual aspect of this is jolting to me, but I suspect it's not so alarming for my students who are more used to role-laying games.
Drew Rodinia: if you're hearing gunshots, you can right-click on the source and choose "Mute"
Kirstie Merlin: Just gas?
Xena Meriman: no it is something I won, I can't remember the name of it
SteveGilbertSir Heron: Only slightly delayed celebration of July 4?
Drew Rodinia: so we were looking for things that we can do here that help us meet our educational objectives
Hydrangea Lane: how do you mute the explosions?
Xena Meriman: it is a COLOR ORB
Kirstie Merlin: Has anyone (faculty) bought a classroom? As opposed to an island?
Drew Rodinia: and that means role playing, or talking people (strangers) with less risk involved.
Stella Merlin: What is the source of those gun fires so I can mute them?
Computer Jewell: No not yet
JuliaJ Jewell: I haven't bought anything
AmsDiane Gustafson: not yet. where do you buy a classroom?
You: Kirstie, the New Media Consortium is renting out smaller spaces
Drew Rodinia: well, I'm not hearing any explosions now
Laureen Yiyuan: I'm still getting the gun shots
Diane42b Vollmar: i am hearing the gun shots/explosions.
Computer Jewell: me too
Kirstie Merlin: Do they rent spaces or must you purchase a space? We are looking for several campus groups to share a room
JuliaJ Jewell: I don't hear anything!
Xena Meriman: oh my gosh I think it is my new COLOR ORB
Xena Meriman: hold on let me get rid of it
You: There are some rental options - and sometimes you can find someone who will let you share space for a particular time period
Xena Meriman: that's better
Drew Rodinia: if you're still hearing the noises, right-click on the source and choose "Mute"
Dunora Allen: I think that we could problem put together a group on campus to rent a space - a friend and I have talked about sharing a space between her ethics course and mine
Xena Meriman: no, it was me, sorry
Xena Meriman: I stopped it
Computer Jewell: I don't hear it now. Thanks
Dunora Allen: I felt kind of weird asking other faculty about it, but to my surprise I found several who were interested.
Diane42b Vollmar: yes the shots have stopped. thanks!
Laureen Yiyuan: what kind of costs are you talking about in renting
Laureen Yiyuan: estimated
You: If you want your university to pay for space, you may be faced with some confusion - but others are doing it.
Drew Rodinia: ok...although there is no official homework, there are some things I would encourage you to do at this point...
Drew Rodinia: and certainly before next week...
Computer Jewell: ok
Drew Rodinia: write down a list of your educational objectives...
Dunora Allen: And how would we go about making enough money to do it - would it have to be done in real-life money?
Drew Rodinia: such as "role playing" or "language instruction with native speakers"....
Drew Rodinia: and then write down what tools you've already been using, and why you think SL would help out.
You: Laureen - I've seen a lot of sharing going on - no money changing hands - up to a $2000 for an island for the year - to lots more for fancy buildings
Drew Rodinia: What we're aiming at here is to get you ready to explore SL to see how SL can help you achieve your objectives.
Drew Rodinia: Now, I realize that some of you have some very general objectives...
Dunora Allen: Ah, see I wasn't even quite sure of where to start.
Drew Rodinia: such as "getting to know the technology of SL so that I can help faculty who will be using it"
Kayellen Ewing: I would like a list of tools that are available that have helped those already teaching here
You: Kayellen, there are some places to look for tools - ICT Library which is near here is one of them.
Ariadne Yiyuan: Is anyone here from Europe? I'm wondering if I'm going to have any difficulties meeting next week.?
Ida Recreant: I'd really like to engage in more collaborative--cross university uses; instead of everyone re-inventing the same thing
Drew Rodinia: Between now and next week, we're also going to give you a list of SL places to visit...
JuliaJ Jewell: I agree with Kayellen, I'd like to see what has already been done.. that would be most helpful
Drew Rodinia: so that you can be exposed to a variety of learning environments.
Drew Rodinia: Julia, yup! We're thinking alike here.
Computer Jewell: I would like to see what is being done.
Drew Rodinia: now, some of the places we'll give you aren't explicitly classrooms spaces, but they are useful for thinking how they can be used to teach and learn
Kate Bradley: that sounds great
You: Oh - I'd like to add that you want to think... WHY A CLASSROOM? ???
Ariadne Yiyuan: Could we meet in Desi's class and have her take us through it? That would be a nic example.

Drew Rodinia: Some of you have already talked about the issues to deal with, like the learning curve....
Drew Rodinia: Ilene, LOL
IM: Janice Binder: Ilene, I'm feeling a litle lost today, maybe because of no audio. Is there a single individual who's leading this discussion?
You: Adriadne, Desi advertises when her classes are in session and invites people to participate
Dunora Allen: I was just thinking that, Ilene. The only thing that I've identified as a positive for a classroom would be a sense of private space.
Joe Cupola: Once you start exploring here, you'll find lots of places that could be used to teach and learn even thought they aren't specifically set up for that.
Drew Rodinia: Yeah, one of the things we need you to think about is...does the objective I have in mind require a "classroom"? Or something else?
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, a place where you won't be interrupted?
Joe Cupola: exactly, why recreate a "standard" clasroom here when you don't have to operate in those confines?
Drew Rodinia: No worries about power, plumbing, etc.
Kate Bradley: Joe- I agree
Ida Recreant: Yes, Dunora, Ilene, I'd like a private space, but not necessarily a classroom--that's why I'm lookoing at collaboration
You: (Of course... here we are sitting rows facing a stage.)
IM: Janice Binder: Oh, I saw several people, including myself who were a couple minutes late. Maybe a re-state of objectives/outline??
Drew Rodinia: Who here was doing the nursing-related scenario again?
Dunora Allen: Except that I would prefer not to have to deal with disruptive members who aren't invested in my course.
Ida Recreant: Ilene, we are so locked into the traditional way of doing things
Stella Merlin: Drew -- underneath bodies of water in SL are usually pretty secluded.
Drew Rodinia: Ilene, and we're sitting in rows because....(familiarity)
Joe Cupola: Collaboration is another of the strong points 2L has to offer for educators here. It's ideal for setting up collaborations between individuals and within groups
Drew Rodinia: Stella, oh good idea.
Kirstie Merlin: I guess you can really meet anywhere you want to - under water, in a library, etc.
Dunora Allen: When dealing with a new technology, we seem to look for familiar to ground us :)
Drew Rodinia: Underwater learning spaces!
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IM: Janice Binder: Something in mind related to....?
Stella Merlin: :D
Kayellen Ewing: I didn't think about that but I haven't drowned yet!
Dunora Allen: At least I do.
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, it can help in the learning curve, but you can move beyond that pretty fast
Joe Cupola: Dunora, you can always set up your classes so that only those enrolled can enter the space.
IM: Janice Binder: Oh, OK, thanks.
Dunora Allen: Yes, that was a question that I was (not) asking :).
Drew Rodinia: Joe, can that be restricted to just part of an island?
Drew Rodinia: OK, so part of what you may want is an educational space designed to prevent interruptions from non-students
Drew Rodinia: Or, depending on the objective, you may *want* interruptions!
Joe Cupola: yes it can be IF you happen to own that space.
Drew Rodinia: Joe, is the restriction by group?
Joe Cupola: you can restrict access to your parcel of land to those on a list
IM: Janice Binder: Resources and Policy issue?
Joe Cupola: yes you can make a group and do it that way
Computer Jewell: So you have to buy first
Joe Cupola: or by individuals
Joe Cupola: or rent
Joe Cupola: or get someone to loan you a space
Drew Rodinia: So you can create a group for your class, add your students, and then say that only those in the group can visit the space.
Joe Cupola: buying isn't the only option
Joe Cupola: it's the only option IF you want the freedom to build on the land/parcel
Drew Rodinia: You may want a group regardless because that makes it easier to communicate with all students at once.
Nea Munro: I am doing the nursing scenario
Joe Cupola: yes it does
Drew Rodinia: Nea, ah! Let's talk about that some....can you describe it in more would help us visualize an example to build upon.
Dunora Allen: Nea, we have a group of nursing instructors here at UCF who are working with evidence-based practice scenarios - they may be interested as well.
IM: Janice Binder: Is this to prepare for the last two sessions?
Drew Rodinia: And don't forget that there is a Health Info island, and those folks might be willing to provide some space for learning?
JuliaJ Jewell: so, if you have a group, can you then require studetns to be online at a specific time? Could you then print out the history to identify their communication, learnings?
Drew Rodinia: Julia, the history of when they were online?
Joe Cupola: Julia you can keep chat logs of when you were online
JuliaJ Jewell: Joe, no of the communication, such as this email to you right now.
You: Hi! You can save the transcripts of chat for a session
JuliaJ Jewell: Ilene, thanks
Joe Cupola: and I suppose you could require your students to also send you their chat logs
You: On way ... To save a transcript, click HISTORY and copy and paste the contents into a word processor
Drew Rodinia: Yes, chat transcripts can be saved...copied, posted to a website or message board.
You: Or... click EDIT --> PREFERENCES -->COMMUNICATION --> check Log Chat -->(change path) to choose a location for the file
Kate Bradley: Ilene- can't you only save the chats when you are in SL? No history of when students are there otherwise?
Drew Rodinia: So some of you want a record of when students are using SL?
Joe Cupola: you could also probably set up something so that your students could send you a message when they logged on regardless of whether or not your'e on.
You: There are some "visitor counters" that will let you know you visited a place - but I don't know of a way to save their chat.
Kate Bradley: possibly drew
Drew Rodinia: Ilene and Joe, aren't there devices that can record guest visits? Don't they keep a log of some kind?
Dunora Allen: Yes, I would certainly need something like that - right now I have them keep group logs of when they meet, so it doesn't have to be "official"
Drew Rodinia: Yeah, the visitor counters.
You: Drew, yes! that's what I meant!
Joe Cupola: well each individ can keep their own chat logs and send those to you.
Drew Rodinia: Yeah, they are devices that sit in a place, and keep a record of who visits.
You: Is tracking visits by your students part of your assessment plan?
Drew Rodinia: but if you wanted more than just who visited, you could require students to send you their logs.
Nea Munro: Drew and Dunora, I would like to talke with you more about the nursing idea. What I envision is that we could put together a group of nursing educators to develope the idea further.
You: That's the best part of SL! Getting together and collaborating!
Drew Rodinia: Nea, it woudl be great if we could involve some of the librarians from Health Info island, too
JuliaJ Jewell: good idea.... it might be a way, from a research perspective, to have them analyze the qualitative data/comments of the log.
Drew Rodinia: if you haven't had the opportunity, be sure to visit Health Info island....they have a presence from teh National Library of Medicine there
Nea Munro: I envision each university might want to contribute a "family" who could live in the community. The members of the family could be the basis for undergraduate courses, where the students follow the dynamics and life. Different cultures could be represented.
Dunora Allen: We have some grant money available next year through our SACS reaccreditation project (that I'm a part of) for that type of thing, so we would definitely be interested.
Drew Rodinia: Nea, with the families being available during certain hours? A scheduled role-play?
You: Like hiring some actors to be a family? Like a 'reality tv" show?

Kirstie Merlin: Drew, is this first session (of the 3) going to be primarily us chatting and asking questions? Or are there going to be some more concrete things going on?
Nea Munro: I Yes, it would be scheduleded - but it could be very fluid - with a virutal vamily member, scheduling a clinic visit in a NP run mental health clinic, etc.

Drew Rodinia: Kirstie, what we're imagining is that we're going to give you an "assignment" between now and next week, and that next week we'll see what you discovered during your assignment
You: Just pretend you are students
Drew Rodinia: in this case, particularly educational environments that we'll ask you to visit.
Kirstie Merlin: Ok. Thanks.

Dunora Allen: I am still a student, so that fits :P. (ABD on a Philosophy PhD :))
Drew Rodinia: Kirstie, but we'r ealso open to any ideas or suggestions that will help you get more out of this for your own needs.
JuliaJ Jewell: Ilene... as long as I can have my real students help this SL student with the assignment ;,)
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: you should chek the star wars place they have teachers and aprentices, yu have to create a new charachter with virtue
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: very elaborated system!
Drew Rodinia: Jazz, my avatar has to be virtuous?
Laureen Yiyuan: I know so little that I need to explore what is out there, what other people are doing,
Meghan Forder: Star Trek also has a fully developed academy
Dunora Allen: I think that it would be nice to come up with some sort of deliverable that each of us wants from this session (for me, I think that it would be a thought-out educational objective and a list of co-ordinating resources)
Drew Rodinia: Laureen, I think that's true of many of us...many people are trying things and we need to learn what those are.
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: more or less is up to you to create a nice avatar and wise too
SteveGilbertSir Heron: Probably the hardest thing about taking advantage of a new medium is figuring out some new ways of doing our old taks - and then, going beyond to new tasks - that weren't possible without the new medium
Joe Cupola: exploration here is key for everyone
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, yes....that's exactly what I would love for people to write down their educational objective and think about how SL might help fulfill it
Nea Munro: I am not envisiong that the NPs would necessarily work with a whol family at a time, but that stories would be build around the persona of each family member, and that members of the family would interact with members of other families, in a community environment. Things could happen that would aaffect the whole cummunity and the people living there. It would need to be done with a corresponding website, where the stories are developed and published -- or something along this ine.
Ida Recreant: Jazz, there's a star trek academy here? Open to all?
Kate Bradley: Ilene- We expected this to be about policies in SL. Is that another session?
Kayellen Ewing: Do you realize how easy it is to get a speaker in from a foreign country in SL?
You: Ok... we don't have to restrict our communication to these SL sessions. We have a blog...
Drew Rodinia: Kate, we'd like to discuss those too.
You: Kate, we can talk about some examples of policies!
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: i havent been there but i think so! :)
SteveGilbertSir Heron: So it will be useful in the next 2 weeks to "see" or participate in SL educational activities, no matter how rudimentary, that go beyond what we could do before having access to SL (ie, beyond text chat)
Ida Recreant: Drew, should we send those objectives to you to post in the blog? Or bring them to the next session?
Kayellen Ewing: Yes
Kirstie Merlin: What was that blog address again?
Meghan Forder: will the log of this conversation be online at TLT's website?
JuliaJ Jewell: Steve, yes
Drew Rodinia: We can do both at the same time...explore options in SL (keeping our objectives in mind), and discussing policies.
Joe Cupola: Nea sounds like you already have some clear objectives and activites already worked out.
You: I fall goes welll, I will be posting a transcript of this!
Drew Rodinia: Kate, was there a particular policy area you wanted to begin with?
Drew Rodinia: We want to make this fit with your own needs.
Ida Recreant: I think it's hard to set policies when we're not sure what we're going to do . . .
You: One educator remarked that she never thought she'd put "don't come to class naked" on a syllabus ;)
Computer Jewell: lol
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: :)
JuliaJ Jewell: Ilene, LOL... or, don't shoot during classtime
Ida Recreant: That's funny!
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Kate Bradley: well- we are in the process of trying to establish policies for our university in SL
Drew Rodinia: Yes, no guns/explosives in the classroom!
Ida Recreant: Wow, I didn't even think of those things . . .
Kate Bradley: we are wondering about support issues, allocating space, etc
Drew Rodinia: Kate, got it...let's get into that, then
Dunora Allen: Those are interesting considerations!
Ida Recreant: I guess we could start with the SL rules and ask students to abide by those.
Kate Bradley: great
Janice Binder: For future sessions, would it be possible to have some kind of outline? Maybe give some time to each of those with pertinent expertise to have some uninterrupted presentation time?
Drew Rodinia: Kate, does your university already have its own island? Or is it sharing space? Or just thinking about it?
Kate Bradley: we have an island
Kirstie Merlin: Where are you from, Kate?
Kate Bradley: louisville, KY
Kirstie Merlin: What university?
Drew Rodinia: Kate, ok, let's address the support issue....
Kate Bradley: university of louisville
Computer Jewell: I would like to see or hear about your experiences in 2L
Dunora Allen: I believe that our university is still in the planning stages for an "official" presence.
Diane42b Vollmar: i'm sorry but i had to leave a bit early toay. thanks everyone
Drew Rodinia: do you mean staff to support it? Installing the software? Or helping students? Or helping faculty? Or some other kind of support?
Laureen Yiyuan: all of that
Drew Rodinia: Laureen, LOL, yeah, I figured.
JuliaJ Jewell: Drew, all of the above
Kate Bradley: all of the above, we are espceially interested in tech support issues
You: You might need sP.S. I'm going to start handing out a notecard with a virtual web quest on it. Accept it, ok?
Ida Recreant: Take care, Diane
Joe Cupola: well do you have tech support people at your institutions?
Kate Bradley accepted your inventory offer.
Drew Rodinia: do you support the other tools you already have? Such as PC software, webservers, Blackboard stuff?

Laureen Yiyuan: what is sPS
Drew Rodinia: (Yes, please accept the notecard that Ilene is giving out)

Drew Rodinia: Laureen, I think Ilene was typing "P.S." got too close to the "s"

Laureen Yiyuan: she is literally handing it out or should I have gotten a pop up card or something?

Dunora Allen: I just noticed on our events calendar that our faculty center has a seminar scheduled on second life for the end of July.
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: we could make videos on you tube :)
Kate Bradley: we have a limited staff- we support Bb- but we do not have staff to support SL

Drew Rodinia: You should get a popup on your screen that asks you to accept or discard the notecard.
Drew Rodinia: Kate, understood.
Dunora Allen: Drew, not yet.
Drew Rodinia: Kate, is the staff who supports Bb willing to add SL to their workload?

Laureen Yiyuan: I am the blackboard support and I will be supporting a professor if he decides to do it, yikes!
Ida Recreant: Kate, Drew, that's another reason I think cross-universities collaboaration could be helpful; maybe a nightmare to administer . . .
Kate Bradley: besides, the learning curve in SL is very high- how can we expect the faculty to learn to be able to do the things the want to accomplish in their SL class?
Drew Rodinia: Laureen, are you worried about the time involved?
Drew Rodinia: Kate, good point. But isn't the learning curve to learn Blackboard high, too?
Laureen Yiyuan: at this time, yes,
Drew Rodinia: Can you set up the same kind of support for SL that you would for Bb?
Kate Bradley: no, Bb is very easy
Dunora Allen: I think that there is more official support for blackboard support, though.
Kate Bradley: user friendly

Ida Recreant: Kate, I agree, it didn't seem that hard, even for faculty who were not tech savvy
Drew Rodinia: so, we've got some issues of "official support" here....hmmm, I don't know, I know of some faculty who find Blackboard hard to use!
Laureen Yiyuan: there are layers of support, I'm front line, then there are otheres, but not for SL

Dunora Allen: Exactly - blackboard (and our Webct) is an official university product, and has the aministration's support, but second life does not, yet.
Kate Bradley: this is an important issue for us and SL will probably not be used by faculry unless we can solve this somehow
Drew Rodinia: for instance, I used to teach in a department where several of the faculty depended heavily on others to put things into their Bb courses
Laureen Yiyuan: I'm embedded in two areas, ed admin and ed psych they don't take well to BB
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, so my question did Bb get the admin support? It didn't happen all at once, right?

Nea Munro: I presented my idea for a community of practice in SL at a recent Nursing in COmputing conference (Rutgers) and generated a lot of interest. I am now putting together a mailing list for those interested in learning more about this, or participating. If you want to be included, let me know.

Ariadne Yiyuan: I did a presentation for my division and not one person lit up.
You: Nea there are some people here in our college of public health who are really interested in SL.

Drew Rodinia: At most schools, isn't it done with some experimenting, some success, and then, you present to the admin to get more support?
Ida Recreant: Nea, I'm interested, even though that's not my field. The nursing faculty here are innovative and always interested in new things
Kate Bradley: the Bb support is all internal, at first we paid Bb to do it for us
Drew Rodinia: Kate, ah!
Drew Rodinia: Kate, but who trained the faculty in using Bb?
Drew Rodinia: at our school, there wer eendless Bb classes for faculty
Computer Jewell: I am interested in the nursing also.
Dunora Allen: We are a large university, and we have WebCT courses for faculty.
Kate Bradley: we trained them
Dunora Allen: You have to take our IDL course to be able to teach in WebCT
Nea Munro: Great Ida, I will put you on my list. I will extend friendship,, as well, so we can be connected more easily.
Laureen Yiyuan: it is like distance education use to be from the bottom up
Drew Rodinia: I think SL training looks more difficult because it's "messier".
Laureen Yiyuan: creative people went for it and others followed
You: Drew, but.. .there are some skills/competencies that you can list.
Drew Rodinia: so we need help in creating collaborative tools to train educators in the use of SL, maybe?
Dunora Allen: I agree, Drew, and selling it to the administration is more difficult. It's ok for us to "mess around with it" but official support?
Drew Rodinia: Ilene, yup....talking, moving, building.
Ariadne Yiyuan: That's an excellent idea.
Kirstie Merlin: Is there a list of "basic skills" somewhere?
Kate Bradley: DRew- I think the learning curve for SL is much bigger than Bb. I cannot imagine faculty learning scripting to accomplish something for their class. Even building will be hard for some
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, I think that comes with enough time. Just think about how that worked with the Web itself!
You: I know where to get some lists of skills!
Computer Jewell: Where
Ida Recreant: Ilene, I'd like that list.
Dunora Allen: Even if we had a list of basic skills that you could cross off, that would be some help.
Computer Jewell: Me too
IM: Janice Binder: Understood, I guess this session is just too open-ended for a newbie to SL, like me.
Drew Rodinia: Kate, ok, maybe we should compare it to the Web. Most faculty don't know how to build their own websites.
Kate Bradley: Drew- if students have problems in SL, who will they go to? It is not our server and we have no control over some issues.
JuliaJ Jewell: me three
Laureen Yiyuan: I haven't gotten the last note card and would like that list also
Ida Recreant: I still think we're jumping the gun a little bit--it seems to me we have to decide what uses are available in SL that aren't currently available--then we can talk more about support and training.
Jo Constellation: Ditto here
You: Kate, that's a good point. You are at the mercy of the SL servers.
Drew Rodinia: Kate, I see your point. But we do use many products at our institution that are not on our own servers. Library databses, for instance.
Kate Bradley: faculty don't build web pages for their class thoug- they just use Bb- much easier
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Dunora Allen: They are used to getting help for their gaming communities, though (at least some of them are). I hate to generalize like that, but they do seem to deal with "HELP" a bit differently than I do.
Drew Rodinia: Ida, well, I'm all for doing both kinds of discussions at the same time. I know that some folks don't want to get involved in SL unless they can envision how they will support it.
Drew Rodinia: Dunora, maybe it's the "older" students we're most worried about?

Drew Rodinia: is there anyone else who did not get the notecard from Ilene?
Jazz9Ometeotl Loon: me
Janice Binder: I didn't get it yet.
Laureen Yiyuan: I think we have to be pioneers on this one. do it with the condition of being experimental

Ida Recreant: Drew that's a valid point--we have to consider those issues; but I'm still lost with what we will do. We must have a team to support it though, so those issues must be considered somewhere. We also have to consider cost.
Kirstie Merlin: Ilene - did you send out a basic skills notecard?
Dunora Allen: And should be. I have a lot of students in my tech writing class who surprise me with their level of tech skills (lack, mostly)
Drew Rodinia: ok, Ilene will get the notecards to those who didn't get it yet

Dunora Allen: I didn't get that one.
Kirstie Merlin: Me either
You: I'm trying...
Ida Recreant: I didn't get the notecard,
Kirstie Merlin: ;)

Drew Rodinia: hey, at least I didn't ask everyone to raise their hand who didn't get the handout!
Jo Constellation: Maybe you should - this seems to be mostly chat activity.
Drew Rodinia: ok, we're near the end of the time, so let me summarize some stuff, and talk about your "homework"....
Nea Munro: There are people here whom I don't believe I've heard anything from. What do you think of this discussion?
Janice Binder: It's interesting that this is called a "Web Quest." Seems like it should have a different name, like SLQuest.

Drew Rodinia: as I mentioned earlier, I think it's vital that you identify what your educational objectives are, so that you can keep them in mind as you explore...
You: Haha! Ok.... To read the notecard... You can search for the Virtual Web Quest notecard by clicking on your inventory button and typing in virtual web quest.
Hydrangea Lane: We are nearing the end of the hour - I will post the URL for the session website.
Drew Rodinia: the handout from Ilene will give you some places to visit for exploration...
Hydrangea Lane:
You: Yes, it is an SL quest - but based on the old "web quest" idea
Carpe Writer: I agree that an tentitve outline at the beginning would be useful
Drew Rodinia: and next week, we'll ask everyone to talk about what they discovered and how they might use those ideas.

Janice Binder: Yes, I agree with Carpe!!
Drew Rodinia: we'll also keep the discussion goin gabout policies...probably some area outside of just support.
Hydrangea Lane: I will also keep the Adobe Room open if anyone wants to continue the session in there if we have to leave this room.
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Drew Rodinia: we'll put the outline on the blog, if that works for everyone...does that make sense, Ilene?
Computer Jewell: ok
Hydrangea Lane: Drew - Ilene -Joe - do you want to say a few closing thoughts in case some folks have to leave?

You: Yes!
Drew Rodinia: well, I've probably talked enough! LOL...but Ilene and Joe should.
You: Ok.. this was.. .open-ended, huh? But hopefully helpful to find out what everyone's thinking... and...
IM: JJ Drinkwater: Hugobiwan Zolnir of the Bibliotheque Francophone invites everyon to join him for an exciting event: "Carrefour des possibles" now in live video : 10 innovative projects, presentations in Rennes, Brittany, France. Come participate in SL at
You: we've already seen a few people who are ready to collaborate in some way... and...

You: we'll post some things on the blog, etc.... If...
You: there are more questions, please let us know! Email works!

You: And if anyone sees us online during the week, say hi! Send an IM

Joe Cupola: It sounds like people already have some interesting ideas for using 2L for teaching and collaboration.
You: I think I got most everyone into the TLTGroup - and you can click on yourself and see who's online in th eTLTGroup
Drew Rodinia: and we'll follow up regarding the work with Health Info Island, I hope
Joe Cupola: you just have to explore and interact. That's the one thing that's going to help you thru the learning curve here.
AmsDiane Gustafson: My I have a notecard, please?

You: Oops - let me try!

Drew Rodinia: one of the policy issues I'd like to talk about next week is how to address the learning curve.

Janice Binder: Thanks, Drew.
Nea Munro: I hear there is a plan to build a virtual hosptial on health infor island - so we should follow up on that.
Computer Jewell: That would be good.

Dunora Allen: That seems to be one that most of us would be interested in, Drew.

You: Any last thoughts for this session?
Kayellen Ewing: Did we get a list?
Kirstie Merlin: How can we save the transcript?
Laureen Yiyuan: I want to be able to have some idea what to tell a professor about how to get started

Laureen Yiyuan: costs, support, where to "learn" more
You: To save a transcript, click HISTORY and copy and paste the contents into a word processor
Computer Jewell: and why should they consider this.
Kirstie Merlin: I keep trying that and it'll only let me copy a portion of it.
Ida Recreant: Ilene, could I get a notecard also?
Hydrangea Lane: Thanks to everyone who participated today - and thank you to Drew, Ilene & Joe for the session today - we will see everyone next week. I will send out session instructions next week.
Drew Rodinia: thanks, Hydrangea!
You: Yeah you might have to highlight some and copy and paste - and then grab some more.
Computer Jewell: Thank you
Ida Recreant: Thank you everyone.
Ariadne Yiyuan: Thanks you.

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