Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting together with Desideria Stockton

Desideria Stockton invited TLT Group Workshop participants to visit her classes in Second Life. Just what we all want! You'll get to see an excellent educator running a class in Second Life. Her wiki below includes course syllabi, etc. Next class June 20, 2007 that will be held 9:30 PM EST in Second Life at Quinicosta, 219, 40, 503. She will be glad to send you a tp (teleport) to her area. If you log on to Second Life, use the "search" button and look for Desideria Stockton. Add as friend. She should manage to accept your offer of friendship and then offer you a teleport to her class site.

Beth Ritter-Guth. Lehigh Carbon Community College.
Courses in English lit, American lit, Womens Studies

To find more information, search "Desideria Stockton" in Google. You will find blogs ( http://bethssecondlife.blogspot.com/ ), interviews, etc.

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