Monday, June 18, 2007

Odds and Ends

Some of this may have come to you on email, so this is information "just in case":

See if these directions work for you for the Boracay Hitchhiker's Guide travel HUD that I tried putting in everyone's inventory:
Click your inventory button and then search Boracay.
When you find the listing for it, right-click on it and "attach HUD" --> Center . That worked for me!
It should become visible on your screen - give it a few seconds - and then allow you to click through the pictures of places to visit in Second Life. If you click right on the picture, it'll teleport you to that location!
When you are done traveling, right-click on the HUD and "take" it. That'll put it back in your inventory.
Places listed on the HUD (created by Corwin Carillon from Boracay Island - Thanks, Corwin!) :

Bliss Nature Area
Help Island (for newbies)
InfoIsland Archipeligo (Cybrary City is part of the InfoIsland Archipeligo)
International SpaceFlight Museum
L-Word (another orientation area)
NMC Campus Archipeligo
NOAA (Weather related data)
Orientation Station (for newbies needing a refresher orientation)
The Port
Svarga (a virtual ecosystem)


Clothes! Shopping for free!:

Clothes... If you click the "search" button and type freebies , you'll find places to go get boxes of clothes - some of which you might even like ;) so that's one way! Just prowl around! There are some good tips about getting started that includes making the all-important fashion statements on this blog:
Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life Diary:*%20Getting%20Started%20in%20Second%20Life%20Guide%20*
She's saying there's stuff out there for newbies (Read down to "8: Stuff for newbies") - all of which I missed out on because I was totally ignorant when I got started. (Sigh) (Her tip to go to Free Dove is a good one!)

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